Monthly Archives: August 2014

Finally I can breathe

I don’t know what it is this summer, but I feel completely drained.  I put many hours at work yet didn’t accomplish much financially.  However, the past couple of days it seems like a weight has lifted.  Not really sure what the deal was, but right now I’m feeling better and more motivated.  I changed my diet to more vegan fare the past few days.  My body has been appreciating the extra amount of veggies and fiber that I’ve been pumping in, which means much more has been getting done.  Always a plus!

I have quite a few stories on the horizon, and the anthology opportunities are coming in.  The amazing support that I keep getting from my friends is amazing.  Their encouragement keeps me going when the poopiness rears its ugly head.  As an introvert, I find that I feel like that quite a bit.

I hope everyone’s writing/drawing/whatever endeavors are making progress.  I know mine are!