My author influences

This list is not exhaustive, but here are my true heart favorites:

D.S. Ullery:  A true-blue friend that I’ve known since 2005 on a horror website that no longer exists.  This guy has had my back on numerous occasions.  His writings include:

Knew the Witch for Hacker’s Source (an indie print horror magazine), Closeted, The Haunted Air, Tis’ the Season (Horror Novel Reviews:  When Red Snow Melts anthology)

Michael Bray:  I became an instant fan after 1 novel, Whisper.  Beautifully written.  Check him out ASAP!

Dark Corners ( Dark Hall Press), MEAT ( Red Shark Publishing), Whisper ( Horrific Tales Publishing), Funhouse ( Red Shark Publishing), Taste of Fear 1: Scratchers ( Red Shark Publishing), Taste of Fear 2: Seat 6A (Red Shark Publishing), Something In The Dark ( Red Shark publishing)

Short Fiction:  That Gnawing Feeling (Schlock Magazine, Serialized march / May 2012), Reap what you sow (Suddenly lost in words, 2013)

Anthologies:  One Night In October (Splatterpunk Saints), Whisper (Great British Horror), Last Christmas Eve (Diabolic Tales III)

Terry M. West:  This man’s writing is just amazing.  After 1 anthology, I was hooked.  To top it all off, he’s very humble and friendly.  Do NOT pass up his work!

Editor/creator Dark Muse magazine, Blood for the Muse comic, Confessions of a Teenage Vampire graphic novel series

Novels:  Dreg

Short work has appeared in:  Agony in Black, FrightNet, Lacunae, House of Pain, Jackhammer, Moonletters.

Recent stuff:  Horror Novel Reviews, One Hellacious Halloween, Horror Novel Reviews When Red Snow Melts, Vignettes from the End of the World anthology, Axes of Evil anthology.

Accolades:  Two-time finalist International Horror Guild Awards, featured on the TV Guide Sci-Fi Hot List.


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