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Artists in Horror Month podcast! Come join the fun!

Tonight’s podcast starts off the month of March with Artists in Horror Month!  Check out the link below and come join the fun!

New opportunities are awesome!


I have been chosen to be the horror fiction editor for a new mag coming out in April this year!!!  Along with my friends and fellow authors D.S. Ullery and Tim Miller, I will be writing flash horror fiction for Stench Radio Magazine.  Check out for awesome music and badass horror!  If you’re in Texas, come to the party.  Everyone is invited!


Excerpt from “The Stranger”

Here is an excerpt that I wrote recently for a writing challenge.  The original story is only 805 words, and I may lengthen it for my anthology.  I hope you enjoy it!

Her eyes remained shut as she rolled over on to her back and allowed him to position himself on top of her.  Insecurities drained away with his every move.  She reached out to touch and explore his body and noticed there was a long scar-like line going from his chest to his navel.  It began to open, and inside the scar hairy bristles began to protrude.  Her arms were forcibly thrown above her head.  She wanted to scream, but her desire to be physically taken by the stranger kept her voice silent.  He noticed that she wasn’t going to fight, so he lessened his grip.  Her hands followed his arms to his chest.  The opening widened even further.  Beneath his ribs was coarse hair that pulsated outward from the cavity.  His human skin wrinkled and retracted.  Bloody mucus surrounded the hairy beast that landed directly onto her stomach.  The human man was no longer as the demon landed on her pelvis.  All she could feel was passion.  She didn’t care what it was as long as it fulfilled her womanly desires. 

As she writhed in ecstasy, the beast stood on her stomach and gazed upon her chest.  It heard her fast beating heart and drooled in hunger.  Black claws reached down and scraped her milky skin.  She couldn’t wait any longer.  She finally was allowed to open her eyes to gaze on her mysterious lover.  She found the bushy devil with its arms raised above its head.  Before she could let out a scream, it sunk its stubby paw into her chest.  Blood spurted from her mouth as the thing searched for a slippery piece of meat to grab on to.  Its yellow eyes widened, and its fang-filled mouth curled up in anticipation.  With a sudden jerk, it pulled out her heart, and she gasped her last breath.  In her last seconds before the darkness, she saw the beast stare into her teary eyes and grinned as it took a huge bite and gnawed her organ.  And then it was black.


I really have to admire authors who can pump out story after story.  I know it takes A LOT of practice, but I just have to drop my jaw in awe and say “wow.”

I put my name in to participate in a horror flash fiction “contest,” and I gotta say I’m a little overwhelmed.  We were given 3 days to finish it, but I begged and pleaded to make it a week instead.  

I know what you’re thinking.  You could write at least 3 stories in that amount of time, right?  In my lowly defense, I’m a stay-at-home full time mom, a stay-at-home full time employee, a stay-at-home college student taking distance education courses, and between all that I have to cook, clean, and write.  I might be able to read a story here and there.  As I take a deep breath and calm my anxieties of realizing how much of a life I really don’t have, I’m determined to remember that I don’t have to be like everyone else.  I think that’s a serious road block in my writing:  The feeling of having to be like the author who just dropped a 1,000 word story in less than an hour or the novelist who has the New York Times Bestseller every 3 months.  That’s just not me.

So, for you all-or-nothing writers, I once again tip my hat.  For all you depressed writers out there who don’t feel like you can compete, I feel you.  Besides, writing isn’t supposed to be a competition, right?  Unless you make it one.

Support Indie Horror! Get D.S. Ullery’s new story!



My good friend D.S. Ullery has self-published his short story, Gruff 123.  This is his first time self publishing, even though he’s been a writer for many years.  So, c’mon and jump on the bandwagon!  Buy his story for only 99 cents at Amazon!  All the cool kids are doing it.  

Shameless plugging

One of the aspects of making a name for yourself in the world of authorship is that you have to network, especially if you’re going the self publishing/indie route.  In my hours of searching through endless posts and threads on the matter, I’ve come to 2 conclusions:

1.  You’re a smart cookie who knows the ropes and knows the feel of the audience, so you’re on your way to enriched fulfillment in the world of being a bonafide author.  Or…..

2.  You’re a complete a-hole troll who is only out to whore your work ad nauseam until someone takes notice.

Where’s the happy medium in this situation?  I say there isn’t one.  There’s always going to be haters.  Whether you advertise your newest book once a month or every day, people are going to complain, people are going to judge, and people are going to be sour pusses.

I say all this because I’ve already seen some negativity from people when I’ve advertised my name.  No, I don’t have anything published right now, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  My heart is in the right place, and I WILL get get a book out eventually.  I have my own website and my own networking cards so far.  Right now, my motive is to get my NAME out there so that I can have the much desired audience when my book is finally out (later this year!).  Is that wrong?  Absolutely not!  I believe now is the best time to network!

My advice is to advertise away.  How else are you supposed to reach the masses if you don’t get down into the trenches and do some serious work?  In my opinion, if I reach only one person with my repeated attempts at attaining an audience, I’ve done my job.

Book Blitz for Shayna Varadeaux’s new book, True Fate




 My good friend Shayna is blitzing her fabulous new YA book, True Fate!  Below is her information on where to buy and the synopsis.  She’s also giving away the books posted above.  Get your copy today!!!

Title: True Fate (True Fate #1)

Author: Shayna Varadeaux

Genre: YA Paranormal Fantasy (Romance)

Published: January 2014

Cover Design: KILA Designs / K.A. Last




Strange things have always happened to Nia, and until now she’s written them off as flukes. At nineteen she has seen her fair share of odd occurrences and just feels lucky.

When Nia unknowingly spoke a prophecy on her eighteenth birthday she freaked out her best friend, Rhea. Nia realizes she needs to find some answers. Rhea makes her promise to go and see her Great Aunt Amarie, but she isn’t sure if her crazy aunt could really help. 

Nia finds herself unexpectedly drawn to a stranger and begins dreaming of people who seem to know everything about her. 

They offer little in the way of information as to how and why. It all feels too real but Nia is unsure, at least until she wakes up with a trinket from the encounter.

When dreams and reality collide Nia will have to face dangers she never knew existed. Ready or not she will have to discover her True Fate.



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Women In Horror Month!

If you’re in the Beaumont area this Friday, the 14th, check out the charity event at the LogOn Cafe.  All donations go to the women and children’s shelter.  I, unfortunately, can’t make it, but this is a wonderful opportunity to meet some rockin’ horror ladies and participate for a good cause.  

Horror poetry!!!


Check out Horror Novel Reviews’ new poetry release!  Makes a great Valentine’s gift!  🙂

I just love horror….don’t you?

I had to take a break from studying and finally got around to watching Motel Hell/Deranged.  I love 80s cheese.  You can’t miss Ms. Balbricker’s (Porky’s) performance in Motel Hell, played by Nancy Parsons herself.  Deranged was just frickin’ cool.  Roberts Blossom plays the Ed Gein-type character, and boy does he do a good job.  Creepy old man goodness.  

I can’t say the same about Jigoku.  My gosh, it was a snoozefest.  I don’t read up on movies before I watch them, so I had an open mind.  I did like the FX, especially for a movie that was made in 1960.  It was really ahead of its time, artistically speaking. 

I’m not really good at writing film reviews because I always feel like they come out like book reports.  I’m the type of person that says, “Hey.  This movie’s cool, so go watch it.”  Yeah.  No imagination there.  Anyhoo….

I’m glad to announce, however, that this week I will be premiering my own domain.  My blog will officially be!  I’m so glad to see where this year is already taking me.  Lots of stuff happening.  It’s slow going but it’s going, and that’s all that matters.