Book trolls

I can’t help but wonder why people get on sites like Goodreads and Amazon only to purposefully bash an author’s work.  Do people have no shame?  Is this what I have to look forward to in the future of my writing career?  

I completely expect bad reviews.  Hell, I expect my first published novella to be chock full of negative feedback.  However, a respectful and constructively critical review completely outweighs a 1 star.  It’s not the stars that bother me, by the way.  It’s the people who get on review sites and claim with hostility how much a book sucks.  Really?  Did the written words contained between two covers (or electronic device in our technological savvy era) push you that much over the edge that you had to respond with such hatred and fury?  

Well, I guess I’ll just have to sit back and endure the haters, trolls, and nincompoops who hide behind screens when mommy and daddy are asleep.  I’ll saunter to my writing corner and celebrate when any kind of review comes my way, all with a smile on my face.  *throws confetti*

About Violet VanDoren

Violet is my name, and horror is my game. I read it, write it, and watch as much grindhouse/horror that I can get my hands on. However, I wouldn't say I'm an expert. I'm forever a student in the art of gore. As far as writing goes, I've touched on it here and there in the past. I've had some change-of-life experiences happen to me and then out of nowhere....BOOM! The call of being a horror writer exploded into my life. Yeah, don't ask. Too many details, too little time. I may post some excerpts once in a while just to tease you. If my writing fits your fancy then maybe you'll buy my books when they get published. I'll definitely keep you posted. If there's a book or movie title you think I would enjoy, don't hesitate to swing it my way!

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  1. I’m hip. I encourage constructive criticism of my work. You once suggested to me that I take out some subtext I had written into a short story . I did exactly that and was really surprised at how improved the story was by the revision. It goes to show that constructive criticism -when offered properly from a legitimate perspective -can be one of the most useful tools a writer has.

    But really, I’m just thrilled anyone is reading the work to make an informed statement about it to begin with. Right now, the double shot I have on Smashwords has 25 downloads and three five star reviews since Sunday and that represents 25 downloads and three five star reviews more than I expected. I celebrate each and every one of them.

    But then you have these trolls who want to come into a situation like that either for personal reasons or because they haven’t gotten the same reception and can only balance things out by tearing down others.

    I agree with Ann Rice and an increasing number of independent authors: the bullying has to stop. Let’s take away the right to post anonymous reviews. A proper verifiable identity should be required and posted to leave a comment. Let the peoplw who would troll do it when everyonw sees who they are. That’ll drop their numbers right quick.

  2. I hope the hateful environment that encourages trolls comes to an end through active protesting like Rice and King have participated in. Like you said, one stars are fine, but there is no reason to tell an author “to go die” for writing something.

  3. I am in the same boat as you. In a couple of weeks, I will be publishing my first book and I hope to get enough 4-5 star reviews to out weigh the negative ones. When I saw that Anne Frank’s and Fredrick Douglas’ books received a couple of one stars from people who stated, “Boring, hated it. What a yarn fest.” or “Waste of time.” , I can only expect worse critiques to appear for my book.

    Because of the strange and crazy person that I am, I tend to enjoy these comments the most, and for my fav. books, I sit back with some Earl Grey (southern sweet) and read through the 1-3 star comments on Amazon. I love how they start with *says with deep whizzing voice*, “I really had high hopes for this book,” or “I really wanted to like this, but…”, or the classic, “This book had cardboard characters and needed more editing.” and within their comments are 2-8 (depending on the length of the comments) grammatical errors.

    Instead of posting the first dollar I made from my book, I’ll post my first one star and display all its glory on my blog and on Goodreads.

    Anywho, keep me posted on your book progress and maybe we can exchange the wonderful comments we receive from reviews on Amazon.

  4. Vitina Molgaard

    Vitina here….Reviews that attack are wrong on too many levels. One that is open and has real things to say can serve a purpose. I know when mine have something in them that is of a negative nature it is accompanied by what ‘I’ felt was the problem along with a thought on that subject. Unfortunately that does have to do with editing and such sometimes but that is put there with an honest desire that the author takes note of the issue. Reviewers should never come after someone else’s work out of frustration with themselves or their own disabilities.That just represents a cruel, snarky nature. I will say to me a 3 represents a good book…4 very very good book and 5 near perfect. I have yet to give anyone a one…instead I contacted the author and we discussed it..a different issue here. But in all honesty I have had some 2 and 2.5’s …I didn’t like doing that but I will say I also received thanks you’s for my honesty and suggestions.from the authors. I hope that I always do my best. Mostly just my point of view here I guess …which quite honestly a part of reviewing is also, a point of view. Just me….Vitina Molgaard

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