From the little to the big dogs…

For the past couple months, I’ve been toying with the idea of writing an actual novella.  I’ve pretty much been keeping my comfort zone within short stories and flash fiction, but I think I really have something.  I wrote a nasty little ditty not too long ago called The Pink Bag, and I’m going to expand on the idea of a mentally tormented little girl.  Yes, it may seem cliche….little girl goes nuts, begins killing spree, seems so innocent that there’s no POSSIBLE way that she could be insane.  However, I want to take this a step further.  I want to actually put my past demons into this little girl:  My addictions, my fears, my pain.  Maybe writing this as a pseudo-autobiography would be part of my healing process.  If anybody has done this sort of thing, I’d love your insights.

About Violet VanDoren

Violet is my name, and horror is my game. I read it, write it, and watch as much grindhouse/horror that I can get my hands on. However, I wouldn't say I'm an expert. I'm forever a student in the art of gore. As far as writing goes, I've touched on it here and there in the past. I've had some change-of-life experiences happen to me and then out of nowhere....BOOM! The call of being a horror writer exploded into my life. Yeah, don't ask. Too many details, too little time. I may post some excerpts once in a while just to tease you. If my writing fits your fancy then maybe you'll buy my books when they get published. I'll definitely keep you posted. If there's a book or movie title you think I would enjoy, don't hesitate to swing it my way!

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  1. In my next project, I’m going to try to deal with the (sort of mysterious) death of my father. I meant to do it last November, for NaNoWriMo, but I hit a dry patch and wasn’t able to manage fiction. I’m going after it again in April … there’s a “camp” NaNo, that is more self-designed than the classic version. I think the all-out writing might be good for this sort of project … just spill the whole thing quickly.

    I’m not planning to tell the story of what happened so much as use the circumstances to explore the themes embedded in disappearances. Sort of like an alternative history. What if his death had been even more inexplicable, and someone (perhaps the child he left behind, all grown up) decided to find out what really happened? Something like that.

    • I thank you so much for putting your personal experience on my blog. I encourage you to write from your heart and do what you feel comfortable. Maybe your story can influence others. Let your heart be your guide. Much love to you!

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