Sleepless ramblings

It’s 3 a.m., and I’m rolling around in bed, allowing my sleep-deprived brain to wander through a myriad of lists, scenarios, and topics of nothing.  Through all of the mindless mess, I’m thinking of my writing.  I’m not happy with it.  There’s something missing.  And then it hits me.  I’m not content with my style.  My recent story Leftovers has too much dialogue and not enough emotion.  Yep.  That’s it.  There’s my problem.  I’m so glad that I figured out how to fix it now instead of writing story after crappy story.  So, I’ve come up with a few things:

1.  No more posting excerpts until I’m fully satisfied with the end result.  No sense in teasing you if you’re not going to be interested in crap.  🙂

2.  I’m going to make a serious effort to write every day.  Definitely something I’ve been lacking lately.  No more excuses.

3.  I have to keep my online time to a minimum.  I won’t be able to blog but maybe 2 times a week, which I think is adequate enough anyway.

4.  On a happier note, coming in February will officially become!  I’m so excited to have my own domain!

5.  I have got to get a sleep aid so I can stop waking up so early in the morning for no reason.

With that, I’m probably going to only blog on Mondays and Thursdays for now.  Once school is over, I’ll have the summer to B.S. as much as I want.  However, writing and school come first.

Now, please excuse me while I drag my tired butt into work.

About Violet VanDoren

Violet is my name, and horror is my game. I read it, write it, and watch as much grindhouse/horror that I can get my hands on. However, I wouldn't say I'm an expert. I'm forever a student in the art of gore. As far as writing goes, I've touched on it here and there in the past. I've had some change-of-life experiences happen to me and then out of nowhere....BOOM! The call of being a horror writer exploded into my life. Yeah, don't ask. Too many details, too little time. I may post some excerpts once in a while just to tease you. If my writing fits your fancy then maybe you'll buy my books when they get published. I'll definitely keep you posted. If there's a book or movie title you think I would enjoy, don't hesitate to swing it my way!

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  1. ” I have to keep my online time to a minimum. I won’t be able to blog but maybe 2 times a week, which I think is adequate enough anyway.”

    This is why, despite having an almost bewildering number of people urging me to do so over the past few years, I do not write a blog. I simply do not have the time to invest towards making it a worthwhile endeavor.

    It sounds like you’re really approaching this sensibly. Good for you. With due diligence and perserverence, I have no doubt you wll achieve the goals you’ve set before you! It’s a exciting time, Violet. Embrace it. Think of it as the dawn of Violet 2.0 – better than ever.

    • Thanks again, D.S.! Since starting school 2 weeks ago, it’s been a real challenge to manage my time, but I’ve learned that instead of setting up a schedule I just need to take it day by day, which I absolutely HATE. I’m a list/schedule type person.

      I have to tell ya…when I woke up at 3 a.m. the other night, a whole world opened up to me about my writing. I wrote last night, and the words just seemed to appear on the page. I thought to myself, “THIS is how I want to write!” I have no idea why I couldn’t before. I reread the old Leftovers and cringe. I really do believe the true Violet has emerged.

  2. Personally, I enjoyed the version of Leftovers you sent me. It needed editing, but overall I found it to be an entertaining story. But you have to be happy with it first and foremost, so do what you think you need to do. The true Violet is the one who’s telling you what needs to be done. Hey, if you can be that honest with yourself about your work, then congrats. You’ve taken ego out of the equation and greatly increased your chances of producing work that really hits home.

    Early morning is usually the best time to do anything that involves mental processes. You wake up and your mind is clear and uncluttered. Some of the best work I’ve done was written at my computer desk between 6am and 8am on a Saturday morning. In fact., I’ve woken up and jumped out of bed early in the AM specfically because I had a great idea.

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