Writer’s block

I have a really cool story idea for an anthology submission.  I’m one of those kinds of writers that likes to have the plot already laid out and then fill it in as I go along.  Right now, the idea is kickass, but the ending not so much.  I’ve read so many stories that are completely implausible; however, the writing is done with such finesse that you easily forgive whatever unlikely scenarios the author throws at you.  How I would love to get to that point!  I know, I know….it will take time.  Thankfully, the cut off date for submissions are May 1, so at least I have that going for me.  🙂

About Violet VanDoren

Violet is my name, and horror is my game. I read it, write it, and watch as much grindhouse/horror that I can get my hands on. However, I wouldn't say I'm an expert. I'm forever a student in the art of gore. As far as writing goes, I've touched on it here and there in the past. I've had some change-of-life experiences happen to me and then out of nowhere....BOOM! The call of being a horror writer exploded into my life. Yeah, don't ask. Too many details, too little time. I may post some excerpts once in a while just to tease you. If my writing fits your fancy then maybe you'll buy my books when they get published. I'll definitely keep you posted. If there's a book or movie title you think I would enjoy, don't hesitate to swing it my way!

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  1. Based on what I’ve read of your work so far, you seem to be improving with every new story you write, which is exactly how it works- the more you practice, the better you get. Your storytelling is already growing much more cohesive and tight. Yes, that first draft of Leftovers needs editing-but so what? So does every first draft ever written anytime anywhere (and some second and third drafts, which is why I generally go through anywhere form two to seven drafts of my work before I submit it. I’ve made same amazing editing mistakes 🙂 ) .

    What’s important is that , even in its primal form, it was recgonizable as a solid piece of gruesome horror fiction with a well defined core premise. The ending to your new story WILL come to you, Violet. Don’t force it and don’t fret over it while you’re telling your story – because that’s what you’re doing right now. That’s what this part of the process is all about: You’re telling yourself the story, putting it down so you remember it just right so you can share it with the world later. This is the part that should be the most fun, as you experience the modern equivalent of a campfire tale no has ever heard, being told for an audience of one: You.

    My endings generally evolve directly out of the story in the course of writing it. I may have some idea of where I want to go with it but, with two exceptions, I’ve never had a story end on the precise note I initially thought it would when I began..and one of those exceptions was actually a heavily modified version of the same idea. Perhaps the same will be true for you. Either way, I’m sure this new story will continue to demonstrate your talent while giving us all good scare.

  2. There is nothing I can say that would top what D. S. Ullerry said 🙂

    So I just want to say, good luck, and hang in there 🙂

  3. I think it was E.A. Poe who once said – if you stay too close to reality you wind up with a boring documentary. I’m paraphrasing (and I’m not even sure if it was Poe).

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